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The Brewery

Although first built in approximately 1731, the style of Bryggergården reflects that of the 1600s, but its cellar stems from the 1400s.

The front part of the building that originally belonged to the cellar succumbed to one of numerous large fires that plagued the city in the 16 and 1700s, which is why it was replaced. The old cellar is now beautifully restored and converted to a room for parties.

The old cellar.

The inside facade of the building. Photo: Kristian Hude before 1929.

Bryggergården was originally a 200-acre farm and later a merchant house before being taken over by Peter Frederiksen in 1863. The farm had a distillery but as time passed and cottage industries became less prevalent, Frederiksen established a brewery called Frederiksen’s Brewery, where he also produced tallow and candles.

In 1895 Hans Christiansen became and remained the head brewer until 1914, when local historian and the brewery’s heir, Arthur Fang, took over.

In 1931 a young brewer named Svend Jochumsen leased the brewery after Christiansen and the brewery took on the name Roskilde Brewery. In 1941 Bryggergården moved from Algade 15 to Københavnsvej and the name was changed to Roar Brewery & Mineral Water Factory, also known as Roar. It is doubtful whether beer has ever actually been brewed on Københavnsvej as Jochumsen most likely had the beer produced at Faxe Brewery and then tapped it into bottles himself.

Bryggergården (The Brewery) in 1942.

Bryggergården (The Brewery) in 1942.

In 1952, Jochumsen closed Roar down and moved to Vindinge, where he continued to run Roskilde Mineral Factory, which was forced to close in 1958. Over the years, Bryggergården has functioned as a bakery, tailor, military facility, housing, pub and restaurant.

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